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'I wonder if the leads still connect on tigers.' (Lori)Collapse )
Pretty soon people are going to be sick of talking about mutation.



Roman, Jack; Meredith

' Kind of thing that keeps a man regular.' (Roman, Jack)Collapse )
Jack is concerned about the amount of fiber in our diet.

'Realistic expectations are important, si.' (Meredith)Collapse )
The mutational meddling begins.


You know. When they asked and I said 'yes' I was excited with all these ideas racing through my head and a tiny part of me was like 'now they will have to answer my weird questions' and an even tinier part was plotting terrible revenge training ideas for P. I mean, I knew it'd be a ton of work, but everything is and I have-- there are things. I can do.

I didn't stop to actually think. About-- stuff. I mean, I don't know, T barely talked to me about losing it and maybe he won't care at all. Maybe he hated it. I don't know. We pretty much never talked about any of it. But now I feel-- I don't know. Maybe I dove in over my head. This is-- a lot of stuff. I don't have anyone under me, not really. Not like J-P did, or like I does, or anyone else. And I can't tell someone how to control their mutation. I couldn't even tell G how to control mine when he had it.

How am I supposed to do this? Really? Is thinking up ideas really enough? Is that what it means?

I don't even know. Fuck. I really wish J-P were here. Really really.

R isn't seriously jealous of him, is he? I mean. Fucking hell. Just. Fucking hell.

'What's my paper say?' (Rich)Collapse )
New job.


Cassandra; Tom

I still say I'm not going to believe it til I see it.

I don't know why. I mean. I guess he gets into Christmas. Maybe I'm just letting all H's grump and glower from last year seep over into him.

It's nice to have a boyfriend who's willing to find his own costume. And to wear a dorky one.

I guess I'm calling him my boyfriend now.

Not that I'm not good with that.

I've got to meet J. Now I'm deathly curious.

New girls seems solid enough. Wonder if that's North Dakota talking, or just her being solid. Guess we'll see. Always do.

Note to self: Do not bring up J-P and J. Just-- leave it alone.

' I never want to say it sucks, because I know it could be a lot worse and I do feel lucky it's not. But ow. ' (Cassandra)Collapse )
New girl.

'I am totally a building a haunted house type.' (Tom)Collapse )
This is Isabel's skeptical face.



TO: All Agents
FROM: Isabel
SUBJECT: Halloween!

All -

I plan to be on the reservoir's beach again this year with food, booze, music, a fire, and costumes. We'll start just before sundown on Sunday, October 30 and see if we can party our way into Halloween proper.

Extra donations of booze and food always welcome. See you guys there!

- I


Email to Jean-Paul

TO: Northstar
FROM: Ibis
SUBJECT: You left me here alone with these people

Hey -

So you have to come back right now, because I asked Sunshine to go with me to get some food and he offered to make me macaroni and cheese. From a box. The neon kind. I mean, I know you haven't gotten very far in that big box of recipes, but at least you generally avoid neon orange foodstuffs and order Thai with me.

It is ridiculous to say that I miss you already, but I do. Spent the weekend reviewing the pile of paperwork you left in my lap. Haven't talked to Fission yet, but I will. Otherwise, it's been mostly quiet. For the whole day and a half you've been gone. We have a team in the field - Nova's gone, I'm sure you can see the files if you want although they'll probably be old by the time you're actually reading this - but nothing's started trickling back yet. In terms of work, anyway.

He took me to a boardwalk and now I have a large stuffed pink unicorn, which he has named Princess Starlight. She's rather fond of George. I'll introduce you when you get back, I think you'll like her. I mean, it's impossible not to love a giant stuffed pink unicorn, right? I highly suggest the boardwalk, by the way. You might even be tempted into some of that famous 'I totally eat like a regular person but will never admit it in public' sort of food. Cotton candy. Corn dogs on a stick. French fries.

That's right. I said french fries.

I'm sure the roller coaster has nothing on you, and you get ferris wheel views all the time, but the lights and energy kind of make up for it. And they have bumper cars. Also this ride that whirls in circles a lot. Maybe I'll make you take me and my camera sometime. It drives me crazy when I'm someplace that fantastic and my camera's sitting at home.

Also I slept with him. And that was good. Really good.

Fuck. Do you know I'm resorting to talking to Sunshine about my sex life? I'm blaming you for this. He gets this look on his face like I've just forced him to step into something particularly nasty. It's hard on a girl's ego.

He's worried about the safety of writing you. I figure that you know pretty damn well how to cover your tracks and when it's safe to. Don't worry about writing back, if you can't. I'll keep writing.

I just don't want to have to try to catch you up on all of it at once when you get back. Cause I mean. That'd be a real pain in the ass.

Stay safe.

- I


I didn't really expect it to hit him that hard. J-P being gone. I mean. I hate it and I'm worried and I'm not dancing in circles here, but T--

I don't know. It's not like he can't be or shouldn't be. It just surprised me. To watch him fall that silent that fast. I feel like there's some big important piece I'm missing here. Or-- fuck, I don't know. Should I be more worried than I am? Am I letting all the-- you know. The happy get in the way of really grasping it?

I don't know. I feel like a broken record, sitting here writing again about how how hard-won his smiles are and how much I wish I knew what to do. How to help.

I mean. I guess we're really not going to laser tag now.

Maybe I just have less tolerance for completely normal kinda down-ness right now. Oh, fuck. Maybe I'm turning into one of those kinds of girls. The insatiably smug ones who can't stop talking about their amazing boyfriend and never ever stop smiling.

No. That's definitely not right. I mean. I'm pretty sure I remember how to stop smiling.

Pretty sure.

When the hell did T start talking about getting laid like that?

'Looks like a unicorn.' (Tom)Collapse )
The first of many astute observations.



I-- just.

It's silly. But I feel kind of like I could fly.

I'm going to miss him while he's gone. I've already gotten used to him. He'd better stay safe.

'Get dressed. We're going out.' (Rich)Collapse )
Bumper cars and ferris wheels in this log. Hard R for about the last third for sexual content.



Everything about him just-- makes me want to curl up and stay. He really, really is a nice guy. Like. Genuinely just-- nice. And I'm pretty sure I was right. He's got a bit of a hero thing, and not just in the 'I wore buckets on my head as a kid' sort of way.

I wonder if he'll still be this nice in year. I wonder if he'll hold onto all that shiny brightness.

I kind of hope so.

Because every time a new little piece of it bubbles up, I like him a little bit more. Even with all his brilliant, insane optimism, and the hero issues that I should probably be more worried about in context, and his ridiculous insistence that I'm a nice person, too. Even with all of it, I just-- want to curl up and stay.

And kiss him. Fuck, do I want to kiss him. All that other stuff, those worries and fears? Bullshit. Seriously, trust me, bullshit. Because I definitely want to drag him into bed, leg or no leg. And I want to keep him there. For a very long time. I want-- fuck, I just want him.

It's driving me crazy.

But it feels kind of amazing.

'You're just jealous that you weren't saving the universe in /your/ childhood fantasies.' (Rich)Collapse )
Nuh uh.



I get it. I mean. I understand every piece of it. To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised he hasn't gone before now. I can probably guess at the ties that were holding him back. Snip those and--

You know. I'd do the same thing. Part of me wants to do the same thing, and I don't have anything personal in it.

But it doesn't stop me from worrying. I'm worried that the snip of one set of ties will make it easier for him to make dumb, reckless decisions. I'm worried that the taut pull of another set will line those decisions out for him clear as day, so sweet and easy.

I'm not worried that he'll forget his job and who he is and fall for all their honey. I'm not. I know J-P and I know he knows himself and while I think they could tempt him, I don't think they could ever win him. Not really.

And maybe that's part of why I'm scared. Because what if they know that, too? The core of him is too-- too moral. Can he really hide the whole of that behind the pieces they have in common? Can he really convince them?

How long would it be before we found out, if he can't?

So I'm just clinging to that. How much they'll want him. How impossible he'd be to win. I have to.

But you can bet your ass I'm writing him every week. Just in case he starts to forget he has other ties, too. Tight ones. Ones to follow back home.

Just in case.

'I know it's what I need to do right now.' (Jean-Paul)Collapse )
Well then.


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