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Isabel Weiss

21 June
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RPG character for X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor.

Name: Isabel Miriam Weiss
Codename: Ibis

Date of Birth: June 21, 1987
Sex: F
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 118
Hair: Brown, mid-back, wavy
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Marks: Bullet scar on left shoulder

University of Missouri - 4 years, Criminal Justice. No degree.

Telekinesis at the micro level. Isabel has exceedingly fine control of her telekinesis and can use it to manipulate and direct items with skill. She is capable of picking locks, tweaking security systems, and operating equipment at a distance.

She can manipulate objects as small as the eye of a needle, and can lift about a hundred pounds with some effort. Her fine control is much better with smaller objects. Her telekinetic range is about fifty yards, with fine control dropping off sharply after ten.

Her telekinesis also allows her to 'feel out' an area, such as the internal workings of a lock, but this becomes significantly less capable beyond ten yards.

She can apply telekinetic force. The strength is inverse to the size of the force she attempts to apply, with smaller being much stronger. She can also deliver small objects at speed, about half the speed of a bullet.

Her multi-tasking is good, but not infinite, and all of her fine control relies intensely on her concentration and clear-headedness. These more specialized abilities are of little to no use when she is tired, distracted, or fuzzy-headed in any fashion.

Isabel has a long background working as a PI, and as such has a great deal of experience in long-term surveillance, background checks, and other basic PI work, as well as a keen eye for spotting the unusual in such.

She tends toward the creative and ruthless when it comes to getting needed information.

She is a skilled photographer and is extremely knowledgeable about the most common types of surveillance equipment.

Personality Profile:
Intelligent, cynical, sarcastic. She has a directness, even a ruthlessness that may lead to a tendency to cut corners, but also an open-minded practicality that will be well-suited to fieldwork, as well as strong sense of justice. Recovery from the abuse she experienced will be a long and difficult process, but she seems willing to face the work required.

Isabel Weiss was abducted by the smuggling ring currently known as Burro Shipping and sold to a mutant brothel in Shanghai, China in May of 2009. X-Factor shut down the brothel in December 2009, and in January 2010, Weiss requested a place with the group.

- Self-defense
- Surveillance
- B. First Aid
- B. Firearms
- B. Driving
- B. Stealth
- Breaking & Entering
- Infiltration
- Language (Hebrew)
- Data Analysis